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Faith and Corresponding Works

Exodus_2The power behind deliverance comes from God above. This is true. However, in order for deliverance to be fully effective, there has to be an interaction between the Divine and humanity. In other words, our deliverance is not solely left up to God alone. We must participate in some way, shape, form or fashion.

the-skeptic-has-a-malibu-moment-photo-182077-s-429x262At this point, the skeptic will say, “Well, what about standing still and seeing the salvation of the Lord?” (Ex. 14:13,14) To this, we would respond that even in the midst of ‘standing still’, we are participating by exercising our faith when God has instructed us to ‘stand still’ and ‘allow Him to fight for us’. Conversely, when God has not instructed us to ‘stand still’, there is the implied understanding that there must be some type of action on our part. Or else, we will never arrive at the point we need to be at in order for the manifestation of God’s Divine activity on our behalf.

seek_the_lordWe know that ‘anything that is not of faith is sin’ (Rom. 14:23). Having faith is great for ‘without it, we cannot please God’ (Heb. 11:6). However, ‘faith without (corresponding) works is dead’ (Jam. 2:14-26). Therefore, any participation on our part will directly correspond to the type of deliverance for which we seek. We must be discerning about what role we will function in as the Holy Spirit leads and guides us.

prayer-6Obtaining employment does not happen by waiting for it to come to us. Debt cancellation does not happen by waiting for it to disappear. Complete healing does not happen without some corresponding act of maintenance. Passing examinations does not happen without studying. And the list goes on…

Does this negate our faith and God’s Divine intervention in our lives? No, it does not. What it does do is show how the Divine interacts and works in conjunction with the creation in order to bring about order in the midst of chaos…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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  1. And maybe that interaction has already occurred and we are just now catching up.

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