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10 Things I Love / Hate (Thanks e…lol !!!)

So I was nominated by my good friend, e, to participate in this challenge wherein I have to list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. This should be easy…here goes…

10 Things I Love…

  1. I love God
  2. I love my family
  3. I love music
  4. I love reading
  5. I love writing
  6. I love coffee (even though I lost a bet and can no longer drink it😢)
  7. I love the beach
  8. I love cookies
  9. I love coffee (I think I said this already)
  10. I love how e suckered me into this challenge

10 Things I Hate…

  1. I hate not being able to drink coffee anymore 
  2. I hate not living close to a REAL beach anymore
  3. I hate dealing with nosy people
  4. I hate hearing about parents not knowing how to deal with their children
  5. I hate to see unhappy babies
  6. I hate bad singing
  7. I hate bad music
  8. I hate bad food
  9. I hate bad movies
  10. I hate bad books

And an extra I hate…

I hate hate…

So there you have it…10 and 10


25 Comments on 10 Things I Love / Hate (Thanks e…lol !!!)

  1. Oh this is good stuff right here smh!!

    Whew LAWD (rubbing my hands together with an angelic smile)…😇

  2. Good points, Sean! Also the extra hate!

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