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Divided We Fall

"Divisive speech and behaviors further exacerbate the great chasm already standing between us. " - Sean Mungin

“United we stand, divided we fall.” This commonly used phrase speaks of the emphasis upon the need for community. This need transcends every sector of life. Divisive speech and behaviors further exacerbate the great chasm already standing between us. Neither ignorance nor arrogance is the solution to bringing any form of resolution. How can I expect diplomatic communication to be effective in the global community when there have been no peaceful nor diplomatic efforts on the domestic front?

As a member of a so-called minority group, I have faced the systemic issue of race throughout my entire life. It may not have been on the same level as some of my counterparts, but I have had my share of experiences. Some members of society have expressed their lack of understanding by stating that minorities should just “get over it.” However, such a feat is not possible especially when the potential confrontation lies just outside of my front door.

One thing I have realized more is that having one conversation is not going to make the issue go away. We not only need continuous, solution-focused dialogue between the various cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups at every level. We also have a need for the development of and the participation of the implementation of genuine social change from the corridors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to each corner of this nation.

Accountability is a necessity if we genuinely want to effect change in this country. No one is exempt from this, including President Trump. We each have a responsibility to ensure that the domestic affairs of this country are in order. Are we our brother’s keeper? If not, we should be. It is my belief that we will be able to accomplish much more if we banded together and pooled our resources together with out the fear of sustaining a loss.

We all win if everyone’s voice is included and is heard from among the masses by the powers that be. Turning a deafened ear and a blind eye to the reality of racism and social injustice does not make it less real. It only heightens the likelihood of a civil volatility that will be fanned further by the winds of resistance to change.

At present, we cannot call ourselves the United States because we have not learned how to embrace others’ differences. This keeps us divided. The unique individuality and personhood of each member of society is what attracts people from various corners of the globe. However, reality sets in when they learn that it is permissible to express hatred of others through acts of incivility. If we are so concerned about the external optics, then we need to focus upon the internal systemic issues. These issues have prevented us from becoming a great nation and influence internationally.

I believe the sting of this past weekend will continue to burn within until something changes. As long as we remain divided, America will continue to fall…


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  1. You hit the nail on the head!

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