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The Thorn In The Flesh (Chp. 1 excerpt)

“Why do I keep feeling this way? I thought I had conquered this thing, but it keeps getting the best of me.” Thoughts often got the best of Jack when he was alone in his cold, lonely apartment. Jack had been in difficult situations before, but none had ever made him feel as empty and guilty as this one set of circumstances in which he continued to fall. It had been a revolving door in his life since he was about fourteen years old. He never understood why he continued to struggle with something that seemed so harmless. Yet it had such strong control over his life, and it gripped him so forcefully he didn’t know how to stop. He wasn’t certain if he really wanted to stop. He liked the way it made him feel. The pleasure. The release. The thoughts. The initial rush that overwhelmed him. Then, immediately came the rush of guilt that took control and drove him to his knees. He cried out, “God, why don’t You just take it away from me!”

Jack was raised in a Christian home. He knew the right thing to do, according to what he had been raised to believe, but he always seemed to do the opposite. He always found himself back in this same condition every time. Questioning God about taking away the urge to do the thing he knew he ought not be doing. “Why should God listen to me anyway? I’ve made too many promises to Him and haven’t kept any of them.” Jack continued his query, but to no avail. What made matters worse was the deafening silence. “Why won’t You answer me?”, Jack yelled as he looked up into the sky. Still nothing. After a fleeting period, Jack slowly drifted off to sleep…

End of excerpt…

Author: Sean Mungin, “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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  1. Congratulations Sean! We pray the Lord’s blessings for your new book

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