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The Thorn In The Flesh (Chp. 2 excerpt)

“What are the chances of me settling down with the right woman, Shiv?,” Jack asked as he took a sip from his cup of coffee and sat down in the chair behind his desk. This question caused Shiv to burst into a loud laugh. “The likelihood of you settling down with one woman is slim to none. The day you settle down with one person will be the day I become the President of the United States. And you know that’s not possible,” Shiv continued to laugh.

“What are you trying to say? I can’t be with just one person? Well, what about Connie? She could be the one, you know.”

“Well, Jack…honestly speaking…I’m shocked that you have been with her as long as you have. Every time you thought you have found ‘the one’, you’ve always managed to find something wrong with her and sabotage the relationship before it ever had the chance to really begin.”

“Aw, c’mon! I’m not that bad!”

“Actually, my friend, you are.”

“So, are you saying there’s no hope for me?”

“No. There’s always hope. You just should allow things to play out before you allow yourself to get into the way of your own way of happiness. Take Connie, for instance. She would make you a very, happy man. She’s smart, successful, beautiful…and she knows how to keep her man happy at home.”

Jack smirked, “Spoken like a truly married man.”

Shiv smiled, “And happily married, might I add.”

“If you say so, pal.”

He nodded, “I just did. So… where is all of this talk about marriage and singleness come from?”

“I guess I’m tired of living alone. Going to bed alone. Waking up alone. Eating alone. I’m afraid I’ve done the one thing that I’ve never wanted to do in my life. I’ve become the one thing I’ve never wanted to become in life.”

End of excerpt…

Author: Sean Mungin, “The Thorn In The Flesh”

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