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Dollars & Sense: Establishing Financial Goals Series

Are you experiencing financial independence and stability?

Eliminating financial debt and distress can be done through education and establishing financial goals.

Although the New Year has come and gone, it is never too late to begin refocusing our approach to financial stability. Within the current climate we live, we are gaining a clear and precise understanding of the meaning of the scripture that teaches us that “…money answereth all things…” (Eccl. 10:19). Another notable thing, however, is the lack of financial education and preparation provided by many in previous generations. As suggested by several financial advisors, this lack of education and preparation has led to some of the biggest financial habits that hinder financial progress, such as:

  • Making late payments,
  • Paying the minimum on credit card balances,
  • Using an out-of-network ATM,
  • Spending mindlessly (impulsively),
  • Paying for unused subscriptions,
  • Buying lunch everyday,
  • Putting off saving for retirement,
  • Spending as much as the household earns, or more,
  • Dipping into the savings account,
  • Only saving “leftover” money,
  • Setting and forgetting your savings and investments,
  • Ignoring insurance, and

I would also add (from a Kingdom perspective),

  • Failure to tithe and giving in offerings to your local congregation.

Keep in mind, Kingdom Living is also inclusive of becoming better economic stewards of the finances entrusted to us. With this understanding in mind and as with all things, becoming better economic stewards requires us to become better educated about finances and to establish financial goals that will help us move toward fulfilling those goals. In the upcoming weeks, we will be discussing various ideas which could possibly assist each of us in attaining financial independence that will extend into our golden years.  I would appreciate any feedback from anyone as this is a community effort to living our best life in honor of the One Who has given us this life to live. Love God…love others….love yourself!


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