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Sean Mungin is a 3rd generation minister responding to a call from God to reach the lives of those who feel disconnected from the ‘traditional’ church. Sean was born in the small Georgia town of St. Mary’s and was raised in Tallahassee, Florida until the age of 14 when his mother relocated the family back to St. Mary’s. He is the fourth child born to Pastor Gwendolyn Mungin. Sean began his journey toward ministry at the age of fifteen. He delivered his first sermon in 1998 at the 5th Street Church of God in West Palm Beach, Florida under the pastorate of his grandfather, the late Bishop Preston C. Williams.

Sean graduated from Lee University in 2005 with a BA in Bible and Theology. He also earned a MS degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix in 2010. Sean completed the Masters in Religious Education program from the Mason Kelly Washington Religious Training Institute in 2014. Sean is currently attending the University of Phoenix’s Master of Public Administration program and is scheduled to graduate in July 2017.

Sean was ordained as a minister in 2009 under Integrity Fellowship, Inc. (Toledo, Ohio), Bishop Daniel Johnson. He has served in the roles of Associate Pastor (2000-2002), Youth and Christian Education Director/Youth Pastor (2006-2007) in the Palm Beach area in South Florida.

Sean began his most recent journey by relocating to the Greater New York Area in July 2010. Since relocating to New York, Sean founded The Joshua Generation Ministries on June 19, 2014 to reach the unchurched via virtual media ministry. On February 24, 2016, The Joshua Generation Ministries was officially rebranded as Sean Mungin Ministries in an effort to begin to move in the new direction for 2016 and beyond which would allow additional room for expansion.

In December 2016, Sean and his wife (Caval) relocated to the Greater Los Angeles area with his current employer, Carlos Lopez & Associates LLC as the Director of Operations for the Greater Los Angeles area. His current positions as an administrator and minister align him with his previous positions as an individual genuinely concerned about the holistic well-being (spiritual, mental, physical, and socio-economical) of all people. Sean and Caval are currently working on plans to plant a ministry in the area under the leading of the Holy Spirit in the near future.

Sean’s is known for his favorite motto, “Love God…love people…”


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  1. Sean your background and education is REALLY impressive. Thank you for serving, for responding to God’s call.

  2. Sean, I have always loved your blog from the first day I found it. Thank you for allowing God speak through you as I often find your posts are really focused on my needs at the time of reading. I look forward to following the new direction He is taking you.

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement! For a while, I was beginning to think it was finished because the vision was there, but the provision was what I needed. But I’m looking forward to seeing some of the vision come to pass in the near future! Thanks again!

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