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family 2 Establishing The House

‘Establishing The House’ is a page designed to discuss various topics concerning the family unit. The family is the heart of the Christian community and society. Therefore, in order for the overall community to function properly as it should, we feel that we need to look into the issues which threaten to weaken the tie that binds us all.

love 9 Love and Relationships

‘Love and Relationships’ is a page that confronts some of the tough topics surrounding the ups and down of relationships. The ‘Love and Relationships’ section is designed to better enhance the single Christian’s life and their relationship with Christ, as well as, to help to prepare them for marriage. This section also addresses the marital relationship and topics designed to help keep the passion kindled within their marriage.

men 6My Brother’s Keeper

In a world wherein there is a lack of positive male images presented within the media, ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ seeks to provide a timely message that summons men everywhere to rise to fulfill their God-ordained positions within the home, within the church, within the community, and within the world at large.

children 3

The Children’s Corner

Children are gifts from God and have been entrusted to our care by Him. How we relate to them is indeed an important concern in the sight of God, so we believe that these little wonders should have a special place of their own. In ‘The Children’s Corner’, we hope to provide insight into preparing them for a lifelong relationship with the One Who loves them just as much as much as He does the big people.

women 10

The Resilient Woman

In a predominantly male-dominant society, it can be very difficult for women to rise up and become the person God created them to become. Having to overcome much adversity, women are now beginning to realize their potential and value. ‘The Resilient Woman’ provides women with the tools to be empowered to transcend the limitations placed upon them by their surrounding culture and fulfill their God-ordained purpose in life.


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