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Who Am I?

By Sean Mungin

 In the contemporary context, the male gender has been under attack and has endured a myriad of negative stigma for decades, if not centuries. The sad part about it is that the stereotypes being launched against males have been viewed largely as being all inclusive from the perspective of many. This, in many respects, is an unfair assessment of and unfair treatment of those who have not subscribed to the negative lifestyles being perpetuated in all forms of medium.


Society has issued its version of the standard of maleness, which, in recent times, has succumbed to the age wherein the labels such as, ‘unisex’, ‘metrosexual’, ‘alpha male,’ and ‘beta-male’ determine where a male is to find his place within the social structure. In many cases, the modern male has no sense of identity as he continues to look to his surrounding culture in search of meaning and a way in which he can be defined. As in other cases, there are many options available to all males by which he is able to make an informal declaration of his identity to others with whom he has chosen to associate. As saddening as this may be, this is the reality of our day.

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By subscribing to society’s idea of what constitutes maleness, it is often difficult to understand what a male is supposed to be and confusion as to what society believes is a male’s role and responsibility. If a male does not live up to the standards placed upon him by society, he, then, becomes ostracized and branded with the negative social stigma. Once labelled, it becomes difficult to remove the negative label. As a result, it will become more challenging to rewrite the future of those within his sphere of influence.

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True maleness transcends all cultural boundaries and definitions and also rises above the expectations of all societal norms. Why is this? When we take into consideration that God, as Creator, had something completely different in mind when He made the first man, we realize that we may need to rethink our position. Rethinking our position may require us to go back to the beginning to envision what God had in mind initially as it relates to maleness.

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When all is said and done, the only One qualified to place any type of label upon us is the One Who created us. The label He has given us requires us to pick up and embrace the mantle of being called and becoming a ‘son of God.’ Being called and becoming a ‘son of God’ demands that we relinquish all attachment to what the society offers in exchange for the privilege of obtaining the identity and definition of who we were created to become and for which we have searched. In my estimation of the matter of maleness, a life filled with purpose is a fair exchange.


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