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Heart Issues

By Stephanie Scott

The story of Queen Esther’s life is a familiar story in the bible. It is every girls dream to become the object of the King’s desires. The one sitting beside her man on the throne, helping to usher him into his destiny of full territory and palace control. To be the bearer of the offspring of royalty. It is every girls’ dream. The fact is it can be every girls’ reality as well.

The beginning of Esther deals with the dethroning of a queen. Queen Vashti. A beautiful, desirous woman who was tired. She was tired of being paraded around as a showpiece for her husband’s friends and constituents. That was not the life of a queen. That is definitely no girls’ dream. But, not every position of authority is glamorous or in fact beautiful. Some places that God is positioning us in, on assignment, are downright dirty. We have to become something we never saw ourselves being to fulfil our God given task. It is a heart matter of pride. Resolve the pride and get to stepping. Step into the place God has called you to, in all your royal regal. Walk strong and proud to have been called by the King to a place in the forefront. Even before a drunken, contentious, sin filled, loathsome people.

God did not in His Word say that your calling in life would be without frustration, loneliness, misunderstandings, distractions, discouragements, hunger, anger, and yes jealousy. He simply asks that we trust Him to fulfill the call. He will complete the work begun in and through you. He will. Be used by Him willingly. Let God guide your steps, direct your tongue, bend your knees, and open your heart. Your heart needs to be emptied of all piety and self. Your heart needs to be filled with love and concern for others and guarded to be filled again and again. The drunken, contentious, sin filled, loathsome people need you. They need you to step out and step up into your purpose. For such a time as this have you been summoned?

Will you fulfill the mandate so others can be secured in the Kingdom of God as well? Will you abhor the need to become everything to all men that you may win some? Set aside self and all that it entails to show you are worthy of the high call of God in Christ Jesus. If not, there is an Esther waiting and being prepared for her destiny. Step out Woman of God and be adorned in your full array of the call so that others will not be hindered from their purpose. You are the catalyst to the destiny of your spouse, children and children’s children. Proudly be the King’s Queen for this hour. You are being summoned.


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