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Oh Eve!

By Stephanie Scott

The Man was there when I woke up. I heard him call me Eve. He said, “I am a woman.” All I see are colors as I am told greens, blues, reds, pinks and yellows. He says it’s our home, and these are our things. Flowers, berries, and other things walking around covered in fur. He calls them animals and tells me their names. I breathe faster. It’s too much. He seems comfortable here, and with me, I don’t.  There is someone else here. I can hear and feel him, sense him, but I can’t see him. Adam, the man, says He is a spirit, and He made us. I can’t say what I hear inside myself. My lips as I am told can be opened, and the sound will come out, not yet. Something nice keeps going in my nose. I like it, I like Adam, I like the animals and that Spirit I feel something different for. Adam tells me he was put to sleep by the Spirit, and when he woke up, I was here. So I guess we are together on not knowing how we happened, and we just did. There is a noise in my body and Adam says I am hungry. I am told what we can and can’t eat. But it is ours. It’s too much to know all at once.  I am taking a walk away from everything. I need to figure it all out and wonder where my sound is. What is this animal called or is it an animal? It stands up and looks me in the face. Eve. It knows me too, but I don’t know it. I would like to understand all of this. Hungry? How did it know that? Where is Adam? Is this another Spirit thing? I can’t eat from that. My sound. Why not? I was told not to by Adam, who was told by the Spirit thing. Did he really mean it that way? I mean everything is yours after all? He was right, and I am hungry. I feel strange, I can’t breathe right. I need to walk away, but it touches me and I like the feel. Adam never did that. And I like my sound. I reach for the fruit from the tree, and I stop and get that feeling again. What a feeling from this in my mouth. My mouth feels wet and strange, and the scent in my nose is good, and I want more and more of it. I suddenly feel powerful, free and like I can say more and more words. I feel everything. I want more. I must get this to Adam and the Spirit. They need to feel this that I feel. I start moving fast in Adam’s direction, I hear him calling me. Eat this Adam in my stronger sound. He stops me and asks me what, where and how did I get this fruit. He looks different, and I felt different by his look. Something’s wrong but if he just bit it, he would feel what I feel. And he does. He changes in front of me. He looks stronger, better, and I feel different towards him. I want to touch him the way the thing out there touched me and saw if he feels it. Suddenly he begins ripping leaves off the trees and wrapping us up in them. He begins to yell for me not to look at him or myself but to put this over me. I feel funny again, and I am breathing fast again. There is water coming from my skin, and I want to get behind something, so he doesn’t see me. I thought he would like it also. He doesn’t hear my sound saying, Adam it’s good. He kept saying if it was good the Spirit called God would have said it was for us. I don’t understand it is all ours. Adam says that God gave us places to go, and I went too far and should not have eaten that fruit. I didn’t want to be here anymore. I wanted to be put back where I was made. The Spirit came, and the thing came with it. The Spirit knew everything that had happened and said it like it was standing with us. I didn’t feel or hear it. God please hear my sound, I didn’t mean to, I was hungry. He began to tell us what was wrong with what I did, and Adam was wrong to do the same. Suddenly He told the thing it knew better and right in front of us it lost its legs and arms. There would be no more touching, or feeling for it. It didn’t feel good to look at it anymore. I needed Adam to touch me and make me stop breathing so fast. My heart was hitting in my chest fast. Something is wrong.

Many times we get ourselves in predicaments that really could have been avoided. The time to reach out to God and get help is not after the fact. Be mindful and prayerful to hear the voice of God and the Spirit leading us to stop, think, walk or run away. God desires to bring us back to that relationship with Him and be with Him in his presence in Heaven. Temptation is real and pleasing, but that’s just what it is, temporary and fleeting. It is not meant for us to be out of contact with our Savior and into ourselves and world where we are wide open to anything. Stay with God and follow His plans. He always has your best interests at heart.


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