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Dominion and Domination

There is a distinct difference between us having dominion over the creation of God and our domination of the creation of God. The Bible teaches us that, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell [...]

March 8, 2015

The Busyness of Life

The busyness of life tends to keep us going from point to another without a moment’s rest. It can be hectic to carve out a few seconds to give ourselves a much needed break from the monotony of life’s demands. If we are not careful, it [...]

March 6, 2015

Random Question # 1…

Can a lack of discernment of God’s presence in our lives lead to a denial of His activity in our lives?…‪#‎thinkonthesethings‬ © 2015 The Joshua Generation Ministries. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of [...]

March 5, 2015

Spiritual Superheroes?

When God assigns certain tasks to us to complete, He knows that we will not be able to complete these tasks alone. Therefore, He has provided us with help from the onset in the form of our brothers and sisters within the Body of Christ. Some tasks [...]

March 4, 2015