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Destructive Cycles

“And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord…” (Judg. 2:11). Destructive cycles teaches us two lessons: 1) We are not living our lives the way we were intended to live, and 2) There is hope for positive change [...]

March 19, 2018

A Better You

For those who are regulars in reading our postings, you know that I am a person who likes to engage in a reflective moment from time to time. The purpose is to see if there is an area in which I need to grow. It is also to help others determine if [...]

July 22, 2017

What Happens…

What happens when a person is at the end of their life’s journey? Will they look back and see a legacy of good deeds? Will they see a life that honored God? As I lie here with my iPad and thinking, much has happened over the past week since I [...]

July 20, 2017

Everything Will Be Fine…

When God begins to move you towards your destiny and you align yourself with His plan, you can expect everything to go absolutely crazy. Do not allow these things to overtake you and cause you to lose hope in your future. As long as you continue to [...]

July 17, 2017

The Priority Thing

In the midst of calamity, never take your eyes off the goal. The calamity may be an attempt to knock you completely off course. However, look at it from a different perspective. God’s perspective. The calamity itself could have been the exact [...]

July 16, 2017

Real Talk…

Real Talk…Have you ever heard someone says this? It speaks to a following statement representing something to be received as believable. This is an attempt to persuade another about the credibility of the spoken statement. So what you see [...]

July 8, 2017